What the computers saw to adjust the interactivity levels. the blue outlines and white dots registering of movement. Each time movement registers, the counter resets to zero. After 30 seconds without movement on two sides or 60 seconds on one side, the computer triggers a different batch of video to try and encourage the viewers to move around more.

Though it never happened in the performance, if there was no movement for 180 seconds there is ‘screen saver’ where all the screens turn to a fish tank.

Like someone who wants to be alone with their laughter

Upcoming works:

Ken James is choreographing and directing a new dance installation project.

Like someone who wants to be alone with their laughter‘ is a digital interactive dance installation consisting of a three-sided room with projections on the inside and outside walls. Dealing with themes of connection and separation, obscurification and clarity, this installation works to engage the audience so that they have a visceral, embodied experience of the work.

12 dance and movement artists from Berlin to San Francisco will participate in the creative work for this piece, plus 6 artists behind the scenes working on sound, sets and video.


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